Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Honeybee herself.

Honeybee's detailed embroidered trees go all around the hem
of the skirt. She also has olive green lacing on the back of her

Honeybee's beautiful hair, in shades of auburn and mahogany.

Honeybee's tiny knitting basket, which includes two small balls
of yarn, red and green, and two tiny knitting needles.
On her needles, she has started a small knitting project .

Honeybee's bloomers in olive green yarn, with edging in red
that was hand crocheted. The waist and legs tie in drawstring

Honeybee's dress from the back.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The HoneyBee Doll is an all-natural, all-hand-knitted, soft sculpture doll. She is stuffed with silky, fluffy corn fiber filling . Her skin is knitted caramel/honey color merino wool yarn, in the stockinette stitch. The inner body is plain muslin. The hair is merino wool multi-tonal yarns in shades of deep mahogany, deep golden, dark chocolate and caramel. She is wearing a knitted dress of cobalt-blue alpaca wool, and the wide circle skirt is gathered at the back of the waist, rather like a bustle effect. The hem is embroidered with a line of leaf-less winter trees in mahogany merino yarn. The back of the dress laces up with a deep olive yarn. Under the full skirt is a pair of knitted merino wool deep olive color bloomers, edged with hand crocheted lace of the mahogany wool yarn. The legs of the bloomers are tied at the sides for a gathered fit. The head shape is hand-tied with cotton twine, in the Waldorf-style, and her hair is hand-sewn, and styled in a "waterfall". The facial features are hand embroidered in cotton floss. This doll is poseable, with moveable button joints in the shoulders and hips. The HoneyBee is 11" tall, and wonderfully chubby. The clothing is completely handmade - even the knitted clothing designs are our own. She carries a basket of her own knitting work-in-progress- --in a handknitted dark brown wool basket, and inside that are two balls of leftover merino we rolled into "knitting balls", and two tiny tipped wooden needles with about 3/4" of a tiny knitting project already started on those little needles! Fantastical.